workshop 1: Beaded GLASS -copper wire BONSAI trees> $40-$55>

$45-AGATES-$55 GEODES* subject to availability

workshop time: 2-4 HOURS


glass beading tree workshop on agates and Geodes*

LEARN copper wire twisting, beading techniques.

workshop 2 - GLASS Beaded BONSAI tree on copper wire hoop ORNAMENT OR WALL HANGER $50>

workshop time: 2-4 HOURS

workshop 3: Glass Beaded Wire Wrapped “BONSAI -Tree of Life- Dream Catchers” $55>

workshop time: 3-4 HOURS

  • Learn copper wire gauges, twisting copper, circle shaping techniques. Allow 2-3 hours

  • Wire hoops, copper wire twisting, tips, techniques, beading, attaching loop twists. Allow 3-4 hours

  • Round Nose and Long Nose Pliers And Wire Nippers will be provided for Sharing, bring your own tools is suggested

  • Trees on Geodes and Agates: Twisting copper, beading, finishing, attaching, tips, techniques. Allow 2-3 hours