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Host or Join the Party! Cost per guest depends on the painting selected by the Host, most are $35*.
Businesses appreciate food & drink orders before & during our party in exchange for not charging a room fee-Come Thirsty and Hungry enjoy tasty food!
ALL PARTIES MINIMUM 10 GUESTS EVEN IF LESS ATTEND, consider an open invite to fill more party seats....
The 11th painting is yours free when 10+ guests attend for directing guests to make their reservations at the party event link this helps the host and the establishment know how many are committing to attend the party and we can plan for staffing and ordering supplies in advance.

Host Private Parties:
  • You pick the painting on canvas, wood planks or ceramic tiles from my Art Galleries
  • Cost for private parties is a minimum of 10+ guests, even if less attend the party. Most paintings are $35* per guest depending on which painting you choose.
  • $100 save the date cancellation deposit may be applied towards your party, or a re-scheduled party is planned.
  • A $50 deposit may be required for parties 60+ miles outside Salem + each guest pays additional $5 of the painting chosen to help cover travel expenses
  • Host provides tables and chairs, usually rectangles work best, Artist is at the end of the tables with floor easels. Have tables ready to set approx. 1 hour 15 minutes ahead of party, we do not move tables and chairs or provide them.
  • Need access to water and a place to dump dirty water, paint plates and a small area for a paint station.
  • Yes, indoor-prefer not to paint over carpeting-you cover, not responsible for spills or damage to carpeting, chairs, floors, walls
  • Yes, outdoor in shade, protected from wind is a lovely painting party!
Host Open Invites: Same as a private party but you allow other guests to join the party to fill party seats at a location
  • You pick the painting on canvas, wood planks or ceramic tiles, watercolors from my Art Galleries
  • Your group sits together, I help fill party seats, meet new friends, fun for birthdays, bridal parties, work groups, clubs, date nights, girls night out...
How it Works:
  • Your event is created at www.paintnpartyor.com and appears in the shopping cart.
  • A Face Book Event and Email Invite is created with the painting you chose, party details, you are co-host, send party invites
  • Direct guests to make their Tickets/Reservations in advance so we can plan for party staffing and painting kits needed
  • I send you guest names as reservations are made to create the Guest Check in List.
  • At the party when 10+ guests attend, the 11th painting is yours free for hosting!
  • Fundraiser Events: Minimum 10+ guests. Host conducts auction, sell tickets, collect donations, promote your fundraiser with a fun event that they can take home a painting.
  • Yes, Have Paints will travel to your place Willamette Valley/Oregon Coast...Or one of my locations:
  • Springhill Cellers Vineyard 2920 NWE Scenic Drive
  • Pop's Branding Iron 901 Pacific Blvd. SE
  • Phoenix Inn, 3410 Spicer Dr. / I-5. Up to 30-Family Friendly $50 room rental M-Su 3 pm
  • Keeler Estates Vineyard, 5100 SE Rice Lane. Up to 20 guests-Family Friendly
  • Margarita's Mexican 315 N. Kutch St.
  • Durant Vineyards-Red Ridge 5510 NE Breyman Orchards Rd.
Lincoln City
  • The Autobahn 101 1512 SW Hwy 101
  • McMenamin's Hotel Oregon, 310 NE Evans St. Up to 40 guests-Family Friendly
  • The Barberry, 645 NE 3rd St. #100, McMinnville Up to 40 guests
  • Emerson Vineyards- 11165 Airlie Rd. Up to 50 guests-Potluck, Wine Only. Family Friendly - 5 pm
  • The Night Deposit Whiskey Library, 450 Commercial St. NE. Up to 18-Age 21+. M/TU/W/TH any. Sa/Su-3 pm
  • Westside Tap House, 1594 Edgewater NW. Up to 18 guests-Age 21+ TU/W 5 pm. Su-3 pm
  • Lolly Pops & Roses Art Room, 2050 Lancaster Dr NE. $25 room rental. Up to 20 guests-Potluck, Family Friendly M-Su
  • Willamette Valley Grill Banquet Room, 3301 Market St. NE, Red Lion Inn. Up to 50 guests-Family Friendly-Private Party $100 room fee
  • The Towne House Cafe, 203 E. Main St., Up to 18 guests-Family Friendly M-SU after 2 pm

Party Set Up/Terms
We arrive approx. 1 hour before the party to set it up, depending on the size of the party, please have tables ready to set.
  • All materials, supplies, canvases, easels, brushes, aprons, table covers provided
  • Wear painting clothes.
  • Painting on Carpeting, near walls, fabric chairs is not advised, Host covers before party set up.
  • Not responsible for stains, replacement, cleaning, topical clean up provided.
  • All Paintings are copy right and to be duplicated only at PaintnPartyOR.com parties.
  • Party pictures and Face Book Live is used to promote PaintnPartyOR and fun pics may be used in Advertising such as posters and post cards. Please advise parents and PaintnPartyOR if there is an issue.
  • By Hosting or Joining you agree to these terms
  • My Party Team works for gratuity and is always appreciated for approx 4-5 hours set up/pack up, party service
  • No personal checks. Cash at Party or Online: Credit Card, PayPal, no card swipes at party.
Maxine Addington, Owner/Artist
PaintnPartyOR, Craftercity, LLC, Solely Owned
West Salem, Oregon - First in Town! since 2014!
Thanks for Supporting Small Business!
(503) 480-9909
Face Book: Maxine Addington / Maxine PaintnPartyOR

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