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Grab a Paint Date and Join the Crowd! >Open Invites for all Occasions:
Minimum 10 guests

  • The Towne House Cafe, 203 E. Main St., Silverton
  • Open Invites>Join the Crowd!
  • Family Friendly
  • Make easy Reservations to save your party seats!

Host a Private Party: Have Paints Will Travel!
  • You pay for minimum 10 guests
  • Cost depends on which painting you pick from My Art Gallery
  • We set date, time and location at an establishment or your place
  • Your painting is free for hosting!
All materials, supplies, canvases, easels, brushes, aprons, paint, table covers provided:
  • Wear painting clothes.
  • Painting on Carpeting not advised.
  • Not responsible for stains, replacement, cleaning
Gratuity: $5 per guest is appreciated for my Assistant(s) for 5-6 hours service

Maxine Addington, Owner, Artist
Sole Proprietor, PaintnPartyOR
Craftercity, LLC
Salem, Oregon
Thanks for Supporting Small Business!
(503) 480-9909
Face Book Messenger/Friends Requests/Event Invites/Party Pics: Maxine Addington

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